SEO consultancy In workshops

in amsterdam or via Zoom


  • that you have no idea how you are doing in terms of SEO
  • that you would like to know where your opportunities lie for SEO and what you need to do to get them
  • that you want to reduce the amount of time to attract customers?

      We immediately apply SEO tips resulting in a good start and  when you’re at home you can look at the most important pages we have already improved. It ensures that you will benefit for many years from the changes that we will implement.


      seo consultant with a strategy for your website

      • A preliminary search for SEO advice will be done before the appointment. Through this research we look at how you are currently ranking and where the best opportunities for your website are to score high in Google. 
      • Do keyword research for your product or service that is most likely to succeed in Google.
      • Improve pages with keywords resulting in a better and faster found website.
      • Inspiration for blog posts that will score high in the search results.
      • Speciific SEO consultant to answer your questions. 
      • In addition, you go home with tips, a manual and a PDF with all the advice to go further with improving your findability in Google.

      what happens previously?

      •  You pin the first SEO consultant session date by clicking on the buttion
      •  You pay with Ideal or Paypal and receive an invoice 
      • You will receive a notification of your registration and date
      • We will make an appointment to make a phone call in advance to be able to properly prepare the SEO advice for your findability. as I may get your Google Analytics access
      • Marjet is going to do preliminary research, including keyword research, and makes a presentation with advice and the first starter for an online marketing strategy based on your SEO opportunities.


      • 3 hours of one-to-one SEO consultant spread over 2 or 3 work sessions. The SEO consultant takes place while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea in the Bouncespace meeting room. (location: Overtoom 141 in Amsterdam, Skype is also possible)
      • After the sessions you go home with a manual and you get a PDF of the powerpoint presentation that you received with all information, tips and advice
      • Aftercare: You can still email me your questions, which will take me a maximum of half an hour to answer and a check after 3 months.


       € 475,- (excl. 21% btw)



      DURING this SEO consultant sessions:



      • we will immediately put practical applications into your site.
      • we check your statistics in advance or place them on your site so that you can already see during the sessions how your website is doing now.
      • are going to think along about the best and easiest way for you to constantly write new content.