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Despite fierce competition in the search results, Minimalist Marketing can still find a way that get you a lot of quality traffic through Google.
We work with a team of specialists:
  • SEO experts
  • bloggers
  • website developers. 

The clients of Minimalist Marketing are very varied from law firms to influencers to come up with a fresh creative strategy for each party that improves findability.

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The details below are useful for more business-related handling of SEO assignments:

kvk 343909940000
btw NL138881492B03
If you have entered into a contract / quotation with Minimalist Marketing Amsterdam or with a WordPress genius from us, then the general terms and conditions (for SEO Bureau & WordPress) apply.
Useful knowledge that our SEO experts have.
For SEO experts it’s very useful to have the following knowledge:
  • SEO knowledge
  • Analytical knowledge (being able to read data properly)
  • Strategic marketing knowledge
  • Creative ideas for blog strategies
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP en SQL.
Knowledge of code is very useful for an SEO agency because it allows us, for example, to view with HTML whether images are actually indexed as “images” by Google. And we can reduce the number of headings with CSS code if, for example, you want to use a Head 1, but do not want to display it that large. Or even if a page cannot normally be changed in the CMS, we will dive into the PHP code.

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