Nowadays, everyone has an Instagram account and shares the best photos of his or her life with the rest of the world. It’s nice that your followers see your photos on their timeline (it’s often only a very small part of your followers). But it’s even better if the photos you post on Instagram can also be found in Google. The big question is “How do you make your Instagram images findable in Google?” 


Instagram afbeelding vindbaar maken in Google


The first important step to make your Instagram photos easier to find in Google is to put your Instagram account on public. When your account is private, only your followers can see your photos and Google can’t find them. When you have made your account public, we can proceed to the next step: the alt text of the Instagram photo.



instagram fotos afbeeldingen vindbaar maken google














When you post a new photo on Instagram, it’s important for Google’s findability that you write an alt text. An alt text, what is that and where can you write this? It sounds harder than it is. An alt text means an alternative text for when you can’t see the image (for the blind). With alt text you are going to describe an image and because of this search engines such as Google know where to place your image in the search results. Describe your Instagram image in the right way in the alt text, then Google will know to which searches your photo should be added.




How can you make a new Instagram image findable in Google? You do this by filling in an alt text, where you can find the alt text, we will explain it to you step-by-step. 

  1. Upload a image to Instagram
  2. Go to the screen where you can add a description etc.
  3. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’ at the bottom
    Instagram afbeeldingen vindbaar maken in Google
  4. Click on ‘Write Alt Tekst’
    Instagram afbeeldingen vindbaar maken in Google
  5. Describe your picture in the text box




Can you make existing Instagram photos findable in Google? Yes, you can and it’s definitely a good idea to do this. In the step-by-step plan below you will make your existing Instagram image findable in Google.

  1. Click on the picture that you’re going to make findable
  2. Click on the three dots at the top right
  3. Click on ‘edit’
  4. At the bottom of the photo you see the option ‘Add Alt Text’ on the right
  5. Click on it and add the alt text  

It’s easier than you think and after reading this article you can make your Instagram images findable in Google. It’s good not only to make your new Instagram photos easy to find, but also add an alt text to your old photos. And who knows, you may see your Instagram image in the Google search results.


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