sNiche products are products that are not intended for everyone but only for a small group of people. This may be because only that small group of people needs this, such as the elderly with reading glasses. Or because it is intended for women only, niche products examples of this are for example the Yoni tampons.

Interesting niche products examples

Most niche products can be categorized because they are targeted for a special group. For example, women, men, young people or dog owners. This makes it easier to market these products properly because you can ‘target’ them better with Facebook ads or you can only follow dog owners with Instagram.

Now I want to show niche products examples that just go one step further, because those examples are inspiring.

  1. Niche products: SMPL-skin-care
    natural face care products

    niche producten voorbeeldenDe These products are aimed at a target group that does not want to put a mess on their skin but only the necessary products. The tagline of these niche products is “Leave out the unneccessary”.


  2. Niche products: Noumenon
    sustainable fashion streetstyle

    niche producten voorbeelden noumenon

    The Noumenon brand is a good example of a niche product. Founder Dena Simaite had the idea to combine ethically and aesthetically. Especially to be ‘cruelty-free’ and she gives old fabrics a new life with her niche products. Sustainable fashion seems to be aimed primarily at a younger target group with the same values.


  3. Niche products – touwdesign
    dog products made of rope

    niche product hond voorbeeld
    One of the last niche product examples that I wanted to show is a website with only products made of rope, mainly for dogs. It looks nice and simple. This way you can easily set up a strategy through Instagram to be found well.

Niche products are not only useful so that you can do better marketing. Often you also have more feeling with it because you really make it for a target group that is close to you. It is also easier to blog for a niche group because you know much better what their needs are or what they are looking for.

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