How can you create your own logo for free as a minimalist? This is something many people ask themselfs and the answer lies with Google fonts. This is the best way to create your own logo. If you are looking for a minimalist logo that you can create yourself for free, the step-by-step plan below is perfect. The end result is a beautiful, professional and minimalist logo.



Go to the website If you are on this site and you scroll down, you will see many different fonts. Take a look around and discover which fonts you like for creating your own logo.

Eigen logo maken als minimalist stap 1


Select the text as you see in the image below and enter the name of your company here. 

 Eigen logo maken als minimalist

Step 3: Make your own logo fit

At this step you will make the logo suitable. In the example below you can see that a tool is underlined. This allows you to move left and right until the logo is the right size. In this way, creating your own logo as a minimalist is no longer complicated.

Eigen logo maken als minimalist

Step 4: make your own logo as a minimalist

In this step you will apply the company name to each font on the page to see different logos in your name. You can do this by clicking on ‘apply to all fonts’, this button is underlined in the example below.

Eigen logo maken als minimalist stap

If you click on this you will see that your own logo can be seen in every font. You can create your own logo as a minimalist. You now choose the best logo and proceed to the final step.

Eigen logo maken als minimalist

Step 5: save your own logo

You have succeeded in creating your own minimalist logo and you have chosen the best logo. Now it’s time to save the logo on your Macbook or Windows laptop. If you have made your own logo on a Macbook, you can use the Shift + Alt + Command + 4 keys to select the logo and make a screenshot. When you have created the logo with a Windows laptop you can take a screenshot of the entire page by pressing the Windows key + Print Screen key. Your screen will be dimmed briefly and the screenshot will be saved in the Images> Screenshots folder. You can then cut it by going to the photo> edit> crop and rotate. 

When you start using the logo on WordPress you can read here how to upload the logo in WordPress.


short: make your own logo

The steps for creating your own logo as a minimalist at a glance:
Step 1: Go to the website
Step 2: Select the text and enter your company name
Step 3: Make the logo larger or smaller
Step 4: Click on ‘Apply to all fund’ and choose the best logo
Step 5: Screenshot the chosen logo 

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