Google cOURSE online (language: Engels)

Rock your keywords

You can follow this Google course online in your own time with a delicious cup of tea. You learn to use the basics of SEO in your website so that you use the right keywords to score high and reach more customers. Boost your business with this Google course.

Thank you Marjet ! A clear and logical explanation of how keywords work and how they feed back into your business focus. I definitely recommend this class !

Mai Trebuil

Loved this class Marjet! Thanks so much for explaining this so well 🙂
Looking forward to applying this all soon! 🙂

Marleen Renders

Loved it! Basics of SEO explained in a simple way with examples from real life. Marjet gives a list of useful tools and even shows how to get to Google Keywords Planner without creating ads (I’ve spent a lot of time searching for this!). Thanks a lot, great course!

Maria Kurganova

Google course online – get on top ( language: Engels)

Get on top of the Google search results

This Google course teaches you how to become better than your competition in the search results. If you have put all keywords in your website, you can then follow this Google course to become just that little bit better than your competition. Don’t wait any longer, start beating your competition!