baOften on a WordPress blog the entire text is taken from your entire post. Sometimes you want only a portion to be displayed. You can do this by inserting a read-more tag, then you will see the first lines of your message. But if you want to give a (WordPress) summary that is different from the first few lines of your message, you can add this in a separate field.

What you have to do for this is the option to add a ‘summary’ to ‘enable’. On the message to which you want to apply this, go to ‘Screen Settings’ at the top right. Then a screen comes down in which you can see all possible options for the applications on the message. One in WordPress is “Summary.” Then check this box.


Next, scroll to the bottom of your WordPress message in the editing section where you are already and you will see a field with ‘Summary’.


samenvatting wordpress bericht_html_wysiwyg

You will see if you insert the (WordPress) summary that you can, for example, also display a summary on the ‘portfolio’ page below the image instead of the first lines of the content.

Unfortunately you have to fill this summary with HTML text. You can download a plugin for this (but the more plugins, the slower your website) or you can make your summary in your Wysiwyg tab and format it and then switch to the ‘Text’ (HTML) tab and copy the code from it and paste into your WordPress summary.

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