The YOAST SEO plugin not only analyzes your content / content of your post or page (as already described in this blog post), you can also actually add content to the plugin so that you become easier to find.

You add your keywords to the meta title and meta description in the YOAST SEO plugin.

What is a meta-titel?

A meta title is a title that is added to a message or page to display in the Google search results.

meta titel omschrijving yoast

What is a meta description?

A meta description is a short description of a page or message that is added to this message / page to display in the Google search results.

meta omschrijving yoast

The only caveat to a meta description is that when a Google searcher searches for a keyword and a page comes up, but this keyword is not in the meta description, Google makes its own meta description. Google usually does this by looking in the content of the page for the search terms of the Google searcher. The sentence in which this search term occurs is then displayed in the meta description and often truncated with dots and after that sometimes another sentence is stuck to it which also contains the search term.

meta beschrijving yoast

Read more about a good meta description during the SEO workshop.


You can adjust the meta title and meta description by using the ‘Snippet editor‘ in the YOAST SEO plugin. 

Then click on ‘Edit Snippet‘.

meta titel meta beschrijving

Then you see ‘SEO title’, so that is the meta title.

seo meta titel

You can select and delete the %% title %% and enter your own (SEO) meta title.

The fields below are the Slug and the meta description. Slug is also called ‘permalink’, such as at the top of the WordPress editor under the title of your page / message.

meta omschrijving

The Meta description is therefore the same as the Meta description. The YOAST tool indicates for both the meta title and the meta description whether they are good in length (= green) or if they are not good (too short / too long = orange).


meta titel yoast beschrijving

When you are done, and you have entered your keywords in the Meta title (SEO title) and meta description in a nice search result, you can close the Snippet editor. (see bottom button in the pictures above).




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