What is a funnel? It is a funnel on / to your website. A funnel guides visitors through your site until they make a purchase. But how does such a funnel work?

What is a funnel?

A funnel guides your visitor through your site. For example, they go from item to purchase or lead. So anonymous visitors ultimately become of great importance for your company.

What is a funnel in most cases in terms of structure?:

  • Social media links or Google search results  (first step in what is a funnel structure)
  • Blogs with information
  • Free giveaway
  • emailings
  • purchase or contact via quotation

Curiosity brings visitors to your page. By linking in a good way, they get further and further on your page until you convince them that your service or product is something they need. Do you want to organize your funnel with me with a free giveaway?

There are different types of funnels. The most famous are the sales funnel and the marketing funnel. The big difference between these two is that the Marketing Funnel is about informing your customer and the Sales Funnel is about selling.


Most funnels have the same structure as the basis. What is a funnel construction I explain a little further here, so that it becomes a little clearer and you can get to work with it yourself.

  • Top of the funnel: Attract potential visitors and buyers through findable and relevant blogs. This is possible, for example, by distributing your blogs via social media.
  • Middle of the funnel: Here you offer the visitor as much information as possible so that they know more and more about the subject. In addition, you try to make them famous customers by offering them something that requires them to register their e-mail address.
  • Bottom of the funnel: When the customers are really well informed, they make a purchase faster. So before you arrive here you must be sure that the first two parts went well. Then the chance is even greater that the first anonymous visitor makes a purchase.


You will see that a large group of people quit the first two steps. That is not bad and even very normal. You are concerned about the few serious visitors who ultimately become customers. If you have any questions about ‘what is a funnel’, you can always send me an email.